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Welcome to my site!

Hey guys!
A few of my friends told me I should build a site and post my art, so here it is!
I hope you all like my drawings, I will be updating my site often (Well after I've drawn something most likely) So check back.
Please feel free to e-mail me and let me know what you think!
Oh and please sign my guestbook!

What's New?

Here I'll add an entry whenever I make an update to my web site.

03 May
Sebastien Izambard drawing added
Urs Buhler drawing added
06 Feb
Nigel Harman AKA Dennis Rickman drawing added
27 January.
OMG shock horror, I've actually updated my site...
NEW Darius Danesh drawing added
NEW Urs Buhler (Il Divo) drawing added
NEW Steve Brookstein drawing added.
14th Oct
NEW- Darius Danesh drawing added.
2nd Oct
NEW- Lindsay Lohan drawing added.
Addition to links
23rd Sept
Julia Stiles drawing added.
16th Sept
LOL! So the general rule was update my site and put it in here? So I've made like 10 updates and totally forgot to mention them! Whoops!
Anime section added
Digital section added
3 drawings recently added. Brad, Tom and Orlando.
2 new Elijah drawings added.
Meh, thats all I think think of!

20/08/04 - Building site... This is going to take some time! *sigh*


Please do not copy my drawings, all drawings are Copyright to Natalie Searson